Memorial listing
Let's not forget the memories of our High School Friends, Classmates and Teachers which have passed away.  If you know a MHS alumnus or staff member which has passed away and wish to include the person on the Memorial listing and this photo page.  Please  write to Ray Lerma: [email protected] please  include : full name and graduation year of the dearly departed.  New postings framed in RED
"Wild" Bill Mustanish
PE Teacher/Baseball Coach
Ines Kenney (Scourkes)Social Studies Teacher
Eli Dominquez -'49
Kay Kaiser -'60
Joann Terron -'60
Dennis O'Keefe -'60
Carol Ulstad -'61
Mary Eleen Paige -'61
Eve Jane Terry -'63
Dino Paul Malerubi -'63
Oliver Mitchell -'63
Eduardo Rangel -'63
Roy Christensen -'63
James Ramos -'66
Albert Giles -'67
Keith Kelpsas -'67
Kirven Blaylock -'68
Diane Filipello -'67
Sharon London -'68
Ramon Gomez - '78
Darryle Lyons-'78
Ramon Gomez - '78
Jerome Bracy -'78
James Aven -'78
Eugene Watts -'78
Cecilia Terrel -'78
Greg Muniz -'80
Ted Putnam -'82
Allison Hicks - '78
Kevin Street -'78
Ron Lamboy 

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